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    Our Principles

    The most important differentiator in our social and sports program is sensitizing children in your here and now, giving them visualization tools where they can envision a future full of hope and light. Besides, they can develop principles and values that will guide them throughout their lives.

    Our methodology is based on principles found in the books: the four agreements and the seven habits of highly effective people.

    Here a short summary about our team philosophy.

    The Four Agreements

    This book is a short guide that helps you to drop beliefs programmed in your life, that’s don’t let you enjoy or live your ideals.

    Even if it’s hard to accept, you have been programmed with rules and beliefs that today have control in the way you think, feel and act.

    First Agreement

    Be impeccable with your word

    Your words have the power to create. Through your words, you express your intentions in life, regardless of the language you speak. All your dreams, feelings, and everything you want to manifest are brought to life through the power of words. It is the most powerful tool you possess to construct your life.

    Second Agreement

    Don’t take Anything Personally

    Nothing that others think about me is really about me, it is about them, therefore, I can’t take it personally.

    Third Agreement

    Don’t Make Assumptions

    It’s about having clarity in what we see and hear, so we must ask before assuming anything, thus avoiding the creation of larger errors and unnecessary suffering that only arise from a lack of clarification.

    Fourth Agreement

    Always do your best.

    It leads us to give our best, to push our potential to the limit, and to do things in the best possible way.

    The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

    It is a book that lists principles that, when established as habits, will help the reader achieve a high level of effectiveness in all relevant aspects of your life.

    First Habit

    Be proactive

    Being proactive means taking responsibility for your own life and exercising the ability to choose your response to any stimulus. This involves behaving according to your conscious decision based on your values, not the conditions you find yourself in.


    Second Habit

    Begin with the end in mind

    It is necessary to understand that all things are created twice. Think of the construction of a house, before starting the actual construction, a blueprint is drawn (the first creation). Later, the house is built (the second creation). The same happens in business: the first time, you define what you want to achieve, and then you design all the components of the business to achieve the objective.


    Third Habit

    Put first things first

    This habit of effectiveness interprets the idea of personal management, and it is an intelligent application that enables people to distinguish between what is important and what is urgent in order to be more effective. This is the habit of a second creation or physical creation, which is essential for understanding the quality of decisions and actions on day to day life.


    Fourth Habit

    Think win – win.

    This habit of effectiveness exemplifies mutual benefit and powerfully helps to find balance in human relationships with a sense of common good and fairness. This is the habit that enables the achievement of shared satisfactions among all those involved in a negotiation process.


    Fifth Habit

    Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

    This habit of effectiveness describes effective communication, and it is advisable to apply it in order to develop the benefits of emotional intelligence and achieve a social climate of respect and harmonious coexistence.


    Seventh Habit

    Sharpen the saw

    This habit of effectiveness embodies continuous improvement and self-renewal, essential maintenance needed to keep the remaining habits functioning properly, offering a horizon of personal growth in each and every area of our personality. This is the habit that enables understanding personal growth in the physical, mental, socio-emotional, and spiritual dimensions.


    Seventh habit

    Sharpen the saw

    This habit of effectiveness interprets continuous improvement and self-renewal, the basic maintenance necessary to keep the remaining habits functioning properly, it offers a horizon of personal improvement in each and every one of the areas of our personality. This is the habit that allows us to understand personal improvement in the physical, mental, socio-emotional and spiritual dimensions.