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    About Us

    Through soccer and education, we are helping our youth to find a purpose in life. Encouraging and providing them with tools for professional, cultural, and educational development. Creating the necessary environment and opportunities for their families and their region.

    In sports we constantly create strategies so that our teams are elite and stand out in each of the tournaments and championships in which we participate. Transversal to sports training, we encourage their projection as professionals so that when they finish their school studies they can articulate their passions, dreams and abilities with educational entities that turn them into technicians or technologists, especially promoting the study of computer science and emerging technologies.

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    Our main purpose is to create comprehensive athletes so that they face their adults with solid foundations and build their present from good critical, educational and sports thinking. Creating professional athletes (such as athletes or academics) with vocation and love for their environment.


    Improve the quality of life of at risk youth who live in vulnerable sectors of Latin America, through soccer instruction and technology education.


    To be a leading training and professional soccer team, with the largest technology training and schools in the Americas.


    Discipline, loyalty, commitment and service.