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    Social Project

    Under the umbrella of football, we have developed a psychosocial support program where, through community assistance, we have managed to raise awareness about the issues faced in each territory where we are present. This allows us to find solutions that help mitigate the challenges present in each region.

    As a first step, our sports training program is entirely free, and some of our more than 150 students receive financial aid to support their journey with the team and provide them with all the necessary tools for their performance on the field.

    Social impact

    Our project was born in El Ortigal – Cauca (40 minutes from Cali, Valle) Colombia, and has extended to Tarragona, Valle. currently, we have been able to make a social impact in these regions through the following programs:

    Donation of soccer cleats

    Thanks to the work of entrepreneurs and schools based in the United States, we have been able to arrange for our players from low- income backgrounds to have soccer cleats, balls, gloves, and shin guards so that their training period can be developed in the best possible way.

    Sport and Recreational events

    With the support of sponsors and volunteers, we have organized quadrangular tournaments, competitions, and recreational events for the community, where locals have been able to enjoy days filled with fun. During these events, they have also been beneficiaries of market vouchers or prizes for those in need.


    Every Christmas, we have managed to raise the goal of bringing a gift to children in the regions of Cauca, such as El Ortigal, Sanjon Rico,Tulipan, Popayan. And In El Valle, place as Tarragona, Chocosito, Florida and Cali.

    We went from delivering 300 gifts to 900 in the year 2021, the goal is to keep increasing the number so that more children can enjoy the donations made for this activity.

    Community Help

    We have one day per month for our players to give back to their community. They paint, clean up trash, remove weeds, and perform other activities to beautify each of the territories where the club is located.