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    Atletico Americano

    Soccer English Technology

    We teach life skills through competitive soccer, focused on technology education, providing our kids opportunity for a better future!


    Why Soccer?

    It is the “magnet” to attract at-risk youth in the region.

    To teach discipline, loyalty, commitment and community service.

    Why English?

    Because it is the universal language.

    Learning the English language opens world wide opportunities.

    Why Technology?

    It offers better job opportunities in a global market.

    It allows them to work from their region and contribute to local economic growth.

    How do we do this?


    Elite soccer training with the best trainers who guide and teach not only about soccer, but also the philosophy of the books: The 4 Agreements and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers.


    With virtual and face-to-face instructors, using the latest tools available.


    Virtual and and in-person classes, with alliances with local technical and university institutions.

    Our Pillars

    Discipline, Loyalty, Commitment and Service

    Leading through contribution actions, we are generating changes in the region, creating an identity of honesty, responsibility, respect, entrepreneurship, service and order.


    To be a leading training and professional soccer team, with the largest technology training and schools in the Americas.


    Improve the quality of life of at risk youth who live in vulnerable sectors of Latin America, through soccer instruction and technology education.

    Influence Zone


    Cali, Palmira, Miranda, Florida

    + 600 Beneficiaries


    Natal, Sao Paulo

    + 100 Beneficiaries


    Buenos Aires

    Coming soon



    Coming soon

    United States


    Coming soon

    Who Contributes?

    Thanks to your support this great family grows every day.

    Thanks to:

    Andres Arenas | Viviana Morales | Freddy Poveda | Alex Rios | Angelica Cruz | John Griffey | Marcos Rossi