The American Athletic Club seeks to provide the necessary tools to athletes so that their training is of the highest quality and to enhance their talents in their different disciplines.

As a first instance, we are focusing on preparing young people (men and women) in the discipline of soccer, knowing that the region is a good cradle of talented players and exceptional conditions for this discipline.

Our purpose

The purpose of the American Athletic Club is to form a highly competitive team that may be recognized in the area and that is a point of reference and starting point for young people to have the opportunity to go to professional teams.

In addition to this, our players will have interdisciplinary workshops where we will strengthen their mental and spiritual part by making them integral athletes and giving them tools to face their day to day.

After that, non-formal education programs will also be created both for the players and for their families or relatives where they can participate in learning. Our alternative programs to sports would be: school reinforcement, technology and computer workshops, dance, reading, among others that can be adopted by the community.

With all this we seek to unite the professionals of the area in a common purpose that is to create a new tomorrow, creating a new source of employment for the locals and generating spaces for new ideas and growth in the sector.